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Private Teaching

Lessons are offered on drum set, percussion and rhythmic studies in Brooklyn and through Skype. All ages/levels welcome.



Currently offering clinics/workshops and masterclasses that focus on drum set, world percussion, rhythmic signs, rhythmic philosophy and ensemble performance.


A World of Percussion A World of Percussion


"Capturing an entire audience is a cherished skill of the experienced performer, and blowing the minds of every student in the class is the reward of the accomplished educator. Brian Adler accomplished both tasks with ease as he mesmerized everyone in the room with his amazing knowledge and skill" ~Workshop participant.

"Experiencing Brian's teaching was like taking a journey of expansion." ~Karen B.

"His workshop set me in motion to further explore the areas he discussed and demonstrated. I could have used a few more hours of it." ~Workshop participant.

"It is always a joy for me to hear Brian talk about his expansive approach to music." ~Susan P.

“Brian is an inspiring, caring and 'on the ball' educator.  His sensitivity and relatability enables him to understand and respond eagerly to his student's needs.” ~ Kathy A.


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Brian Adler