A World of Percussion

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A World of Percussion is a book, CD and residency that encourages its participants to explore sound and rhythm through various percussion instruments, while learning about music from around the world.

The book includes ten colorful percussion études based on influential rhythms from: Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Ghana, Guinea, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Spain, and the United States and offers a context in which to understand cultural diversity with an eye towards global fluency.

A World of Percussion is designed for music classes (ages 10+), and uses a box notation system, not requiring prior knoledge of music notation.

As participants travel around the world, filling in their rhythmic passport, they absorb a taste of each drumming tradition.

Percussion disciplines include: playing with hands, sticks, brushes, mallets, as well as vocal, body, and pitched keyboard percussion.

Click here for a free sample étude.


“I love the overview of all the countries and it's very insightful… A curious invitation for the young mind especially in the age of YouTube!!”
~Jamey Haddad, percussionist with Paul Simon and Sting.

“I used some of the patterns with one of my eighth grade students who would not participate in any activity during my class.  He picked up on the rhythms on the first try.  He really seemed to enjoy himself and it was great to see him participate.”
~Elizabeth Weissman, special needs music teacher.

“Brian Adler created a gem with this book. The percussion etudes are fun and easy to put together with music students or just at home, and the CD makes it even easier. You also get some nuggets of cultural information about the music from different countries, and the look is visually interesting as well. Nice!"
~John Bertles, Director of Bash the Trash.

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